Nocturnal Procession (2001)

for guitar duo

AROS Guitar Duo

Simon Wildau og Mikkel Egelund Nielsen

Koncert i Musikhuset Aarhus, november 2016

Partitur score

CD recording by

Gantriis-Zimmermann Guitar Duo

on the album "PINPOINTS"

Albany Records, USA

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From Michael Schelle's CD liner notes:

Nocturnal Procession, although it was written in 2001, sounds as fresh as if the ink were still drying on the paper (presuming that some composers somewhere still use pen and ink).  This incredibly alluring piece shines a lamp on all kinds of processions—harmonic processions, celebratory parades, funeral processions, and even the processions of private thoughts of someone reflecting on loss. (I have personally experienced the loss this year of three very dear life-long composer friends, and I found myself submerged in memories of them as I listened to this extremely sensitive work.) Frandsen is active in choral, organ, and religious music circles and the depth of his spiritual sincerity glows brightly in this work.


Nocturnal Procession er en natlig fantasi - en rituel march, der med en næsten liturgisk uafvendelighed fører os igennem en række dunkle landskaber. Musikalsk har stykket form som en passacaglia; et forløb på 11 takter, der gentages og intensiveres i kraft af ganske små motiviske og rytmiske forskydninger.

John Frandsen

Nocturnal Procession is a night fantasy - a ritual march which takes us with an almost liturgical inevitability through a series of dark landscapes. Musically the piece is a passacaglia; 11 bars is repeated again and again with increasing intensity in rhythm and musical motifs.