The future of chamber music...(?)

Chamber music has always been the most exclusive area in art music. Just look at the name: music, meant to be played in a small room, perhaps even under private circumstances. In the classical aera chamber music was often used as a medium for formal or aesthetic experiments. Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven wrote some of their most radical and experimental pieces for such small ensembles. But then, afterwards, they carried with them the most significant results from their ”laboratories” and implemented them in the ”great” public tradition – in operas, symphonies, church music, oratories, wherever they might catch a greater audience.

Today the situation is different. Chamber music has become a genre of its own. And it has become the genre of contemporary music. Very few composers of today have regular contact with the major music institutions, so there is no longer a forum for presenting the results for a main audience.

Unfortunately it seems to me that many contemporary composers feel quite satisfied with this. They enjoy living in this splendid isolation, as long as no-one disturbs them – and they can keep up governmental support...

John Frandsen in a lecture at

Seinäjoki Chamber Music Contest, Finland. Nov. 2004

Kammermusik chamber music

Strygere strings

String Song (1980)

strygekvartet nr. 1 string quartet no. 1

Danse Macabre (1991)

strygekvartet nr. 2 string quartet no. 2

Playtime (2007)

for strygerorkester string orchestra

Saturday Night Blues (2012)

for strygerorkester string orchestra

Penelopeia (2015)

strygekvartet nr. 3 string quartet no. 3

Berceuse (2018)

for strygekvartet for string quartet

Blæsere winds

Avers/revers (1985)

blæserkvintet nr. 1 wind quintet no. 1

De/cadences (1987)

blæserkvintet nr. 2 wind quintet no. 2

Weekend (1992)

messingkvintet brass quintet

Store kammerensembler larger chamber ensembles

Amalie suite (1985)

for kammerensemble chamber ensemble

Variations on a Falling Star (1996)

for kammerensemble chamber ensemble

Postcard from EGOLAND (2015)

for kammerensemble chamber ensemble

Dionysos (2016)

for kammerensemble chamber ensemble

Uroligt Requiem (2019)

for kontratenor og sinfonietta counter tenor and sinfonietta

Små kammerensembler small chamber groups

Battue for Three (1990) percussion trio

HighLight (1992) for fløjte og guitar flute & guitar

Twilight (1992) for guitar duo

Song of the Sea (1993)

for obo (saxofon/fløjte) og orgel oboe (or sax/flute) & organ

Tivoli (1993) for blokfløjte, violin, cello og cembalo recorder, violin, cello and harpsichord

Tre danse (1994) for guitarkvartet guitar quartet

Sleepwalker’s Tapdance (1995)

for viola, fagot og guitar viola, bassoon & guitar

Step by Step (1997)

for fløjte, violin og guitar flute, violin & guitar

Nocturnal Procession (2001) for guitar duo

Lørdagsvariationer (2005) for guitarkvartet guitar quartet

Ménage à trois (2009)

for blokfløjte, sax og percussion recorder,sax and percussion

Carrousel (2012)

for accordion duo

Aiolos (2015)

for fløjte og strygekvartet flute and string quartet

Kaleidoscope (2015)

for cello og (prepareret) klaver cello and (prepared) piano

Sisyfos (2015)

for accordion og cembalo accordion and harpsichord

Barock'n Roll (2018)

Fransk suite for fløjte, klarinet,klaver og cello

French Suite for flute. clarinet, piano and cello

Martyriet Suite (2018)

for blokfløjter, accordion, cello og bouzouki

recorders, accordion, cello and bouzouki

Vokal solo og kammerensemble

vocal solo with chamber ensemble

White shadows (1993) - text: Pia Tafdrup

mezzo og kammerensemble mezzo and chamber ensemble


To Søren Kierkegaard sange (1997)

for sopran, fløjte, cello, akkordeon

soprano, flute, cello, accordion

Skyggespil (1990/2009) - text: Henrik Nordbrandt

for baryton, fløjte, klarinet, guitar, accordeon, cello

for barytone, flute, clarinet, guitar, accordion, cello

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Variations on a Fallen Star

Ensemble 2000

Morten Ryelund, dirigent