Tre danse (1994)

Three Dances

for guitarkvartet guitar quartet

Program note

Three Dances: 1) slow and precise like a Swiss clock - the precision of Corona. Light gleaming through the leaves of the tree, a percussive thumping on muffled strings constitutes a B-section, then back to the Swiss watch, now with glints in the high register. 2) same delicate scene, maybe waking up next morning - things are coming into focus again. This dance is about silence, with the players listening ever so carefully to each other. Then a few shards forebode a puncture in the texture of percussive harmonies ... 3) faster now, with a steady 3/4 syncopation. The variations are constituted by different qualities of attack. But the wheel keeps moving around, as the music becomes lighter and lighter - and seems to float away ...

Dan Marmorstein, i "Northpoints" cd-booklet

3. sats - Presto energico

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