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Boudicca (1997) - monodrama for sopran, saxofon, guitar og percussion


Libretto: Michael Hall

Uropfrt 1997 p Den Anden Opera i Kbenhavn af:

world premiere 1997 at Den Anden Opera, Copenhagen by:

      Nanna Brincker, sopran

      Per Egholm, saxofon

      Jesper Ltzhft, guitar

      Thomas Sandberg, percussion


Vrket er en drama-sangcyklus bestende af ouverture og 21 numre.

De enkelte numre kan downloades i pdf-format her.


Boudicca is a dramatic song cycle of an Ouverture and 21 songs

which can all be downloaded from this page.



No.1. Still. No-one moves

No.2. At dusk I climbed

No.3. I was young

No.4. But still we never saw them

No.5. But why, in hunting...

No.6. Boudicca Queen!

No.7. Then fate moved swiftly

No.8. And so I spoke

No.9. And now this night

No.10. Ah! Catus Decianus

No.11. And now, these men...

No.12. And now as dawn begins

No.13. Ah! Infant day

No.14. Dear Gods! I see

No.15. Boudicca, dress!

No.16. The battle

No.17. How many?

No.18. Alone again

No.19. They do not move

            Ah! But if...

No.20. Without regret

No.21. And so I feel